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Malay Wedding Photographer in KL

In Malay Wedding photography, couples have a different purpose from there wedding photography. Most want to tell the story of the first time they have ever met and document the journey of love with professional images so they can remember them forever.

And of course there are those who only want it to be simple, and capture photos of their day-to-day life to be in pictures. In Wedding Photographer KL, we have unique and different approaches for Malay Wedding Photography Malaysia, and we ensure that every couple has there requirements met by our professional photographers.

Malay weddings have unique traditions and cultural activities during the wedding day that sets it apart from other Asian cultures, one of these traditions include the Henna night, which usually happens before the solemnization event if a Malay wedding.

Relatives and close friends gather around in one house to decorate the bride’s hand with Henna. This kind of traditions needs a professional and experienced Malay wedding photographer that understands the core culture and the tradition of Malay weddings and must know how to get the best images for the bride and the groom.  

malay wedding photographer KL

Your wedding day is a celebration of YOU, and of your magical, graceful and delightful relationship.

Our philosophy for Malay Wedding Photography in KL is to create unique and vibrant images that tell the core nature of who you are and your Malay Wedding, both as individuals as well as a married couple, through the eyes of the loved ones surrounding you.

Personal. Happy. Natural. Timeless. These three words are normally used to describe our wedding photography services in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

The biggest day in your life, Beautifully captured.

Like a time capsule, photos capture the beauty on your actual wedding day by freezing a moment in time forever and to be for one to view it for eternity.

Malay Wedding photos are timeless. They remind us of the pre-wedding anxiety, that moment when we finally say “I do”, and the start of a new beginning in both of your lives. The ability to look back at your special day is priceless. Often times our most important moments in life feels the most surreal. when everything has settled after the excitement of a wedding we sometimes force ourselves to remember those moments that way that we felt the most alive. That’s where our wedding photographers come in to save the day.

Our Malay Wedding Photographer Services in KL

Our team loves covering Malay weddings as photographers in Kl and Malaysia, and in recent years we have had a lot of memories and experiences all around Malaysia.

Wedding Photographer KL is a leading studio in this field and has years of experience that qualify us to shoot your wedding as Malay Wedding photographers in kl.

Working with us is a unique experience just like your Malay Wedding Day. We will be honored if you hired us to be your Malay Wedding photographer and keep your special day in your memory forever.

At Wedding photographer KL, we pay our full attention to details and aim at providing the best Malay wedding photographers in Malaysia and deliver high-quality images for our clients. As a team of professional photographers in Kuala Lumpur, our huge customer base is getting bigger every year and we are looking forward to latching on to as many other clients as possible, especially for pre-wedding photographer Malaysia and actual day wedding photography all around Malaysia as well.

Our Malay Wedding Photography Locations in Malaysia

If you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer in KL? Please refer to our contact page here and leave us a message. We have captured weddings in Petaling Jaya, Klang Valley, Puchong, Ipoh, Kuching, Johor, Kelantan, Penang, and many more!

Malacca, Johor, Kuching, Ipoh, and Klang Valley are all the locations that we shot Malay weddings in and had an enjoyable time there.