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Our Services

Here, at Wedding Photographer in KL, we offer multiple wedding photography services in varies areas in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. You may check out these services bellow and choose the one that suits you the most. 

Your actual wedding day is a celebration of YOU, and of your magical, graceful and delightful relationship. Our philosophy in actual wedding day photography is to create unique and vibrant images that tell the core nature of who you and your partner are, both as individuals as well as a married couple ….

Pre Wedding photoshoots are usually booked up months before the actual wedding, and it’s a session where the couples are free to do and wear whatever they want. These photos can be used and your wedding day as a slideshow or on your wedding invitation cards ….

Malay weddings have unique traditions and cultural activities during the wedding day that sets it apart from other Asian cultures, one of these traditions include the Henna night, which usually happens before the solemnization event if a Malay wedding ….